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Coronavirus and COVID-19 :: Competitive exam .


Nowadays coronavirus has become a disaster in human life.  
A large part of the world today is infected with the corona virus. There is wailing among the people around. Scientists have not yet found a cure for the corona virus. India, America, Italy, China, all these countries are heavily infected with the corona virus.
Here is the detailed informations about this coronavirus and COVID-19 which will be helpful for any types of Competitive Exams in future. This type of topics are included in current affairs part which is purely based on recent news or updates of any event across the country or the world.

Novel Corona virus ::

1) Scientific name of Corona virus is "SARS CoV-2" which has the full form of Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 ".

2) Coronavirus was emerged from the city Wuhan in China. 

3) Coronavirus is related to Bats. Other Viruses which are related to Bats are Pangolin Virus and other old Corona viruses . ( There were some other Corona viruses before this novel Corona virus). 

4) This virus is a RNA virus.

5) Coronavirus has spherical shape and size is larger compared to other Viruses . The diameter of Coronavirus is about 0.125 micro-meter. 

6) This viruses consist of Spikes made of Protein . The length of spikes are 20 nm or 0.02 micro-meter. 

Coronavirus with Spikes


1)  The disease caused by novel Corona virus or SARS CoV-2 is known as COVID-19. Full form of COVID-19 is "Coronavirus Disease 2019".

2) First novel Corona virus Positive patient was found in Wuhan, China in NOVEMBER 2019
  In India , the First Corona virus (novel) Positive patient was found on 30 January 2019 in the state of KERALA .
 Today this number has been increased to 381 thousand (approx.) and increasing daily.

3) Major Symptoms of COVID-19 are 
   Fever, dry cough and breathing problem. There are some other minor symptoms too . Sometimes no Symptoms were seen in a Coronavirus Positive patient. This made Coronavirus more unpredictable and sometimes people couldn't understand whether he or she is Coronavirus Positive patient or not !

4) so far There is no Vaccine for COVID-19 . However, Vaccine of Malaria named "Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate" (HCQS) is in use for temporary treatment. 


We all know about World Health organization (WHO).
Headquarter -- Geneva, Switzerland
Founded on -- 7 April 1948
Director General (D.G)
                         -- Tedros Adhanom 

1)World Health organization decleared COVID-19 a Pandemic on 11 March 2020 .  

2)When a large area or large amount of people get affected by any disease then the disease is called a Pandemic.  
 In past , Plague, Influenza, Smallpox , Cholera, Tuberculosis, HIV-AIDS  were also decleared as Pandemic .

3) To decrease or Stop spreading of Coronavirus  ----
 * Keep Social distancing
 * Use mask outside home
 * Use Sanitizer frequently
 * Wash your hands frequently. 
 * Don't go out of home unless it is very urgent.

###Hope our Scientists will find the Vaccine of COVID-19 very soon .


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