Top Govt. Scholarships for Students of West Bengal|| Apply online

Scholarships available for the West Bengal students of every classes. In West Bengal, millions of students are studying in different classes every year. Many of them do not have a very good financial background, so they need financial help to continue their higher studies. Over the past few years, the government has come to provide financial assistance to various poor and meritorious students. In addition of these govt. Scholarships there are some other Scholarships too. Here some of the best govt scholarships, their Eligibilities, amount and online application links are provided. All the Scholarship details are provided Classwise.  Scholarships for class-I to X :: 1. Pre-metric Minority Scholarship :   Only Minorities Muslims, Christian, Sikh, Jain, persi students studying in India are eligible.  Candidates should have minimum 50% marks in last qualifying exam Family income should not be higher than 1.00 lakh per annum. Scholarship amount -- 1000 per year (class-I to VI),   1850/- pe

Study Physics Efficiently|| Best Method

Study Physics [Efficiently]

Physics is one of the Tough subject to study . But it is very interesting subject is we understand the facts. Here I am trying to give some advice how to study Physics. The steps are shown below ------ 

 In Addition of the above , you need to 

  1. Study regularly i.e. Study the books every day at least for 2 hours each day. Because regularity makes you habitat on that thing.
  2. Keep all the distractions (like video games , Mobile phones, Story books , Comics, Drawing or painting books etc.) away . In recent days, students are mostly distracted by Mobile phones and Video games . So, need to keep these all away.
  3.  Live alone while studying. This is the most important thing to do . Because most of the students get distracted by others in family or friends. 
  4. You need to try to apply the things you learn . Because in Physics, the practical implement is so important. This practical implementation will clear all of your doubts.
  5. You can prepare for your exam by yourself with the help of some great websites like This is basically an Electronics and Physics related website. You can check some of great articles on Surface charge density and on Working formula of a Transformer

  1. Hope this will help you a lot. Keep Studying Physics, feel the Physics easy.

##Thank You


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