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Top Govt. Scholarships for Students of West Bengal|| Apply online

Scholarships available for the West Bengal students of every classes. In West Bengal, millions of students are studying in different classes every year. Many of them do not have a very good financial background, so they need financial help to continue their higher studies. Over the past few years, the government has come to provide financial assistance to various poor and meritorious students. In addition of these govt. Scholarships there are some other Scholarships too. Here some of the best govt scholarships, their Eligibilities, amount and online application links are provided. All the Scholarship details are provided Classwise.  Scholarships for class-I to X :: 1. Pre-metric Minority Scholarship :   Only Minorities Muslims, Christian, Sikh, Jain, persi students studying in India are eligible.  Candidates should have minimum 50% marks in last qualifying exam Family income should not be higher than 1.00 lakh per annum. Scholarship amount -- 1000 per year (class-I to VI),   1850/- pe

Study tips during lockdown || 2020

What to Study and how to study during the lockdown !! The government has been forced to close schools, colleges and universities during this lockdown. However, students need to prepare for their board exams and Many job seekers have to study for their various job exams in this duration. But a lot of times they don't understand what to read and how to read, that means they can't maintain their strategy properly. As a result, they fail to study attentively. Within a few days they feel annoyed. Here I am sharing you a best strategy to improve your concentration in studying . Let's start one by one for different categories or classes of students.  If you are preparing for board Exams ::  Make a rough daily study routine including all of your subjects. Make sure that you are studying each subjects for at least 4 days in a week.  you need to follow the routine continuously. You may not feel good at this at the beginning. But you need to be habitat on it by fol

Universities in West Bengal || List-2020

List of the Universities in West Bengal for Master degrees. In fourth populated state West Bengal , a huge number of students are passing out their Graduation every year . The majority of these students look for admission in reputed universities or institutions for their master degrees . But most of the students know the names of only a few number of universities and applies to these universities only.  As a result , some of the quality students couldn't get the admissions for Master degree due to high competition for a few available seats. Here the list of all universities in West Bengal are given so that the students can apply to maximum number of universities and can secure their seats or positions in their suitable universities.  The UGC affiliated Universities or Institutions for Master degrees in various subjects are as followings ---- Burdwan University campus B.U. Physics Department Jadavpur university :: Jadavpur university (JU) is located at

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 || Competitive exam

All informations related to Cricket World Cup- 2019 for Competitive exam   World Cup is the biggest tournament in world Cricket . It is scheduled to be held in every four years. Last time it was held in 2019 in England and Wales . Since it is a recent event , it can be a good topic for any Competitive Exam . Here I am trying to discuss all possible questions related to  CRICKET WORLD CUP 2019 .  Last moment of WC-2019 Celebration of WC win 2019 1) This event is Organized by ICC (International Cricket Council) . Cricket World Cup 2019 was the 12th edition of World Cup Cricket. First Cricket World Cup tournament was held in 1975 in England. 2) WC 2019 was hosted between 30 May 2019 to 14 July 2019 . 3) Hosting Countries --- England   [ Capital - London, Currency - Pound Sterling]  Wales [ Capital - Cardiff, Currency - Pound Sterling]   4)  Number of teams Participated --- 10   5) Total Number of matches played-- 48  6)  Number of venues -- 11  7) Champion/Winn

Biggest Cricket Tournaments in the world ||Clashes

Biggest cricket Tournaments in the World  All the Cricket fans and the Competitive exam Aspirants should know the World's biggest Cricket tournaments , participants  of those tournaments. This will help a lot in any competitive Exam in India.   ICC World Cup Trophy Ben Stokes  Rohit Sharma Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world today. Cricket matches are seen almost everywhere in the world. And these cricket matches are even more beautiful when matches are played in big tournaments. Those tournaments are discussed below. ICC WORLD CUP :: The ICC World Cup is the most popular cricket tournament in the world. This cricket tournament is held every four years. Last time it was played in 2019 . The Champion team was England .  ICC T20 WORLD CUP ::  The ICC T20 World Cup The ICC is the second largest event to be played since 2007. The T20 World Cup matches are played every two years. Each game is 20-20 over game  ICC CHAMPION TROPHY :

Govt. Job After Graduation || 2020

Central and state govt. Jobs After Graduation in 2020 Here is the good news for the Job aspirants. Have you completed your graduation ?? Then you need to know about all the job opportunities available for you . Here I will discuss on the various jobs and corresponding eligibilities. Maximum of the jobs are the govt jobs after graduation. There are some jobs in which 10th or 12th qualifications are needed. But if you a graduate then you are eligible for all the jobs. But other qualifications are also need to be fulfilled. Jobs Available for the Graduates ** Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Exams :   1 . Combined Higher Secondary level (CHSL) :    Minimum qualifications ::  H.S(10+2) or Equivalent Typing skills (not for the all posts) 2. Combined Graduate level (CGL)        Minimum qualifications:: Graduation in any stream Typing skills for some of the posts under CGL  3. Multi Tasking Staff ::      Minimum qualifications:: Higher Secondary (HS)

Courses After H.S (10+2) || best Careers

Courses After H.S (10+2)  Most of the Students and their guardians don't know that what are the scopes available for a student after completion of H.S.  As a result majority of the Students fail to make a better career that they could do. Here I am trying to expose all the possible courses available after higher Secondary or 10+2. Courses available after H.S::   For Science Students  1. MBBS        Eligibility :: H.S + NEET (Entrance test)   2 . B.Tech      Eligibility :: H.S. + JEE (entrance test)  3 . BSc (Honours)       Eligibility:: H.S with minimum 50%   Subjects available for BSc Honours are --- Physics  Geo-physics Chemistry Mathematics Zoology Physiology Botany Microbiology Environment Science Computer Science Nutrition Applied Geology Electronics Information and Technology (I&T) Agriculture Statistics  Bio-technology Bio-Chemistry  4. BSc-Nursing     Eligibility :: H.S + SAAT or other entrance exam  5.

Coronavirus and COVID-19 :: Competitive exam .

COVID-19 :: A to Z DETAILS FOR EXAMS Nowadays coronavirus has become a disaster in human life.   A large part of the world today is infected with the corona virus. There is wailing among the people around. Scientists have not yet found a cure for the corona virus. India, America, Italy, China, all these countries are heavily infected with the corona virus. Here is the detailed informations about this coronavirus and COVID-19 which will be helpful for any types of Competitive Exams in future. This type of topics are included in current affairs part which is purely based on recent news or updates of any event across the country or the world. Novel Corona virus :: 1) Scientific name of Corona virus is " SARS CoV-2 " which has the full form of  "  Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 ". 2) Coronavirus was emerged from the city Wuhan in China.   3) Coronavirus is related to Bats . Other Viruses which are related to Bats are Pangolin

[Download] YouTube videos and mp3 for FREE

How to download YouTube videos and mp3 for FREE There are some amazing videos in YouTube which always attracts you . But you cannot download those videos directly in your phone memory or external memory card. There are a few apps and websites from where you can download YouTube videos. But here I will tell you about an amazing apps from which you can download YouTube videos and mp3 whatever you want !!!  Here is the complete process ------- 1) Download " SnapTube " App from the link given at the end. This app is not available in Google play Store. So, you need to go through the link given at the end of this article. 2) After downloading the App , install it and then open it . It will look as following. 3) Whatever you want to download just write on " search YouTube " bar.  For Example - I searched for "Muqabla remix" song . You will find a variety of the same song uploaded on YouTube. Now you need to click  on Download sign which

Study Physics Efficiently|| Best Method

Study Physics [Efficiently ] Physics is one of the Tough subject to study . But it is very interesting subject is we understand the facts. Here I am trying to give some advice how to study Physics . The steps are shown below ------    In Addition of the above , you need to  Study regularly i.e. Study the books every day at least for 2 hours each day. Because regularity makes you habitat on that thing. Keep all the distractions (like video games , Mobile phones, Story books , Comics, Drawing or painting books etc.) away . In recent days, students are mostly distracted by Mobile phones and Video games . So, need to keep these all away.  Live alone while studying. This is the most important thing to do . Because most of the students get distracted by others in family or friends.  You need to try to apply the things you learn . Because in Physics, the practical implement is so important. This practical implementation will clear all of your doubts. You can prepare for your e